Thursday, 14 February 2008

Muslim Community condemns reprint of Danish cartoons

Concerning a press release condemning the reprint of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in the Danish press following the arrest on 12 February of three men suspected of attempting to assassinate Kurt Westergaard, the author of the iconic ‘bomb in the turban’ cartoon. The press release did include a condemnation of the alleged assassination attempt.
Asalaamu alaikum
I am puzzled. Why are you drawing attention to the cartoons again? It was the ‘Muslim Community’ who created the worldwide demand for them in the first place. I doubt that the Danes have ever had such a popular part to play in global literature since Hans Christian Andersen. If the marketing opportunity has been so kindly provided by us, how can they be criticised for taking advantage of it?
Actually I don't really see what is objectionable in the cartoons. No one could possibly interpret the cartoons as being a representation or insult to the Holy Prophet (saw) himself. They are most certainly an amusing and accurate representation of the bigotry, cruelty and stupidity presented by the fanatics of the Muslim World which have caused so much suffering among the Ahmadiyya jamaat.
My favourite is the cartoon on the front cover of the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which has (presumably) the Holy Prophet say, ‘It is hard being loved by fools.’      
If we don't like them, rather than add weight to the case of the fanatical fools, let's just be quiet and ignore them. No one has to look at them if they feel they will be offended.
Rafiq Mahmood
, Indonesia